Integration through education and work

The project: Integration through education and work, or PIBA for short, is an initiative to provide refugees with better opportunities on the labor market by providing basic IT skills. The refugee is lent a laptop for 3 months; During which time a coach accompanies him and makes him familiar with the operation and usual tasks of a computer, Manage files, write applications with Word, search the internet.

Many of those in Germany who are looking for protection are not familiar with the use of computers, in particular the German terms and the use of the keyboard are difficult. Virtually every workplace requires basic knowledge in the operation of a computer, even if no expert knowledge of special applications is required. PIBA is making an important contribution to making refugees more attractive to the labor market. A job, in turn, means a life of pride and dignity for every human being; Especially for refugees, a workplace is an integral part of the integration process.

An important additional benefit of the project is the direct contact between local people and refugees. Here barriers and prejudices are broken, people are brought closer to each other and the mutual cultures are identified. The refugees learn not only to deal with a computer but also practice themselves in the German language. The coaches also benefit: they are involved in a social project and thus actively contribute to our co-existence.

The interesting thing is that no money should be used, but only existing resources: laptops that are no longer needed, knowledge, skills, and time of people who want to get involved. All this must be organized, therefore:

The project needs your support, dear reader!

Be Coach: in 3 months you invest about 20 hours time
Donate materials: laptops, office licenses of older versions, mice, USB sticks
Ask your laptops for donations
Help with the organization: article writing, flyer design, homepage
Make the project known

Contact: Almuth Holzkamp (initiator) at 06192 952545 or