We need you!

The project: Integration through education and work, in short PIBA is an initiative to provide refugees with better opportunities on the labor market through the provision of basic IT skills. The refugee is lent a laptop for 3 months; During which time a coach accompanies him and makes him familiar with the operation and usual tasks of a computer, Manage files, write applications with Word, search the internet.

How to help:
• in 3 months do you have about 20 hours of time? Coache (possibly two) refugees. Get familiar with the laptop, show what you can do with Office.
• You bought a great new laptop? Donate Your Old!
• Donate outdated or excess licenses from Win 7 and Office 2010
• participate in public relations: newspaper articles, reports for radio and television
• Take care of the laptops: install, set up, wait
• Design flyers, distribute information, create homepage … u.v.m.

Your advantage:
• through your deployment, you actively shape the future
• You will get to know people of other nationalities and living conditions
• You help people to live in Germany
• a workplace helps EVERYONE live in pride and dignity
• You are engaged in a social project, which gives you a good feeling
• You can overhaul and expand your own IT knowledge
• Your assignment is limited in time either by taking over a task completed with completion, or after 3 months of coaching

Engage yourself! For a happy and happy together in our country.

Here you will find more:
Almuth Holzkamp (initiator of project: integration through education and work) or 06192 952545 or 0151 58182085